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Please join us for our Easy Does It Yoga Class with Janice (75 min), this morning at 10 am. We look forward to seeing you in the studio, but if you cannot make it in, please join us on Zoom!
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See you on the mat. 🙃


When I first started my Yoga journey with Ohana Yoga & Wellness, over 10 years ago I instantly felt welcomed. For years before Ohana, I practiced Yoga at many other studios and learned from each and every teacher and studio. After all every studio and teacher have different approaches and styles you can say. When I first experienced Ohana there was an incredible vibe, with this sense of wellbeing and mind body connection. I am grateful for having the opportunity to explore and deepen my personal practice with Nicky’s diverse approach. Her skillset, education & ongoing training, plus love for the art of Yoga is prevalent. Thanks for making each class unique and for being you. You truly are my Yogi Guru.

Lynn Larondeau

My mat has shown me how to stop critiquing myself. Not beating myself up any longer (mentally of course). When I feel I should be doing a pose, a stretch, or breathwork etc etc. I’m learning to accept where I am at. To be where I am, in the moment. Inner peace is a wonderful realization.

Deborah French

Ohana is Nicky and all the kindness and expertise she brings. Compassionate, and lighthearted with a sense of humour, she makes yoga fun. She has given so much to our community. Come and check out the studio you won’t be sorry.

Maureen Clout,
Facebook March 2020

Nicky Poulin, the instructors and practitioners qualified and professional.

They also donate their services regularly through ‘Karma Weeks’ and sponsored programs to keep seniors moving.

This is a wonderful facility filled to the brim with heart! A great source of pride that it exists in this little town of Callander. I am attending regularly to get my broken body back in motion and have learned some essential stress management skills through Nicky’s workshops.

Paige Lockton-Wilde,
Facebook July 2019

Since I have been doing ohana’s stay on your feet and balance class. I have experienced an absence of leg cramping and feet cramping. I am enjoying the classes immensely

Catherine Schrader

Welcome to Ohana, a wellness centre where you can find yoga, meditation and dance, and non-traditional health guidance for everyone in your family. There’s something for seniors and teens, for the marathon runner in your household and for the person who has been away from fitness for a while and wants to return to better health.

Established over 25yrs ago by husband-and-wife team Darren Renaud and Nicky Poulin in trust that the best way for them to move forward on their health and wellness journey was to share the variety of modalities and practices that they possessed as well as calling upon the skills of other practitioners and instructors so that others would benefit. It was a plan intended only for the greater good of all other. Following a motto that “Movement is Medicine” and even if you can only do a little, you are still doing.

Our mission is to help you feel happier, stronger, and healthier. Regain a sense of life balance and nurture your soul.

We offer classes live in our studio, on Zoom or if you wish we can email a recording of the class to you.

Three to Four times during the year we offer Karma Week, as a gesture of gratitude to those who have supported us over the years, as well as to say hello to those who are new to us. During Karma Week there is no obligation to register with us, just join into the classes.

Ohana has also carried the policy that should you be experiencing any sort of financial stress and truly feel that a regular yoga practice would help you out body, mind and soul, connect with us. We will exchange for service or figure something out, after all nobody should be left behind.

Ohana means family. And our family has helped build the centre. But we consider all our members part of a greater family who share a common goal and help one another.

We also enjoy doing our bit in our community as well, partnering with many organizations, teaching classes, workshops, hosting special events and more!

In 2021 the unfortunate happened when Darren passed in a tragic accident. After some time of rest and recuperation from Darren’s passing Nicky is now feeling strong and wanting to move Ohana forward again, honouring what Darren would have wanted.

If you have any requests or would like to chat to see what classes might be right for you please email or call 705-493-0692.

Be safe, be healthy, and be kind.

After all… this is the place where love lives!


Our Classes

Our classes are specifically designed for EVERYbody, from seniors to junior, beginners to advanced.

Our studios has been designed specifically for our classes offering a safe, clean and friendly environment.

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About us

Our goal is to educate and empower individuals, families and our community so that they may experience improved health, awareness and life fulfillment.

Our definition of “Ohana” is simple… it means family & whether it be blood related, extended or community , we work together towards the same goal, where nobody gets left behind.

Over our 25 years we have hosted a variety of wellness professionals including Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Health Practitioners, Thai Yoga Massage practitioners, Yoga Therapists, as well as Wellness Coaching and more. 

Yoga and Wellness Classes are one of our main focuses at Ohana and all classes are geared towards the beginner yogi as well as the experienced yogi. Our primary instructor/owner of Ohana is internationally certified and lineage teacher Nicky Poulin CYA 1000++ with over 35,000 teaching hours on her mat. All teachers whom are associated with Ohana have been carefully selected, professionally trained in a 200 hour or above teacher training program and personally endorsed by Nicky.

Ohana is a Canadian Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Facility which offers a variety of teacher training programs and certifications.

Please continue to watch our website & follow us on social media for upcoming Yoga and Wellness Classes, CYA Teacher Training, Workshops, Seminars, Concerts, Retreats & More!