Walter Cecchini currently serves as a police officer specializing in de-escalation and crisis intervention and brings a world of knowledge both professionally and personally. He has studied and embraced Eastern Philosophies for many years and describes himself as “C.O.P.”, Consciously on Patrol. Please join us as Walter points us back to our true home and reveals to us that peace and happiness are our very nature! In 2018 Walter embraced spirituality and authored / published a book called “Take Heart, Seeker” is a book of non-dual poetry “revealing what the mind cannot know and the heart has never forgotten.” Having discovered non-duality in 2018, Walter uses his poetry as a means to clarify the non-dual understanding for himself and others.

Join Walter on Tuesday Evenings at 6pm
In Studio or by Zoom
Meeting ID 890 8363 2922

Class cost: Regular Ohana Class Pass or suggested donation of $15.00 Regular Ohana Class Pass or suggested donation of $15.00 – following the Ohana tradition please never let cost stop you from attending class.

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