Sunshine Parcels

There are many things in life which at times, can be difficult.

When someone can brighten someone else’s day, just with a smile, a laugh and bring a touch of happiness, this is more than a GIFT.

It’s a ray of sunshine for every day!

Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre is humbled and happy to support an incredible giving woman in our community.

We like to call her “A little Ray of Sunshine”.

Pauline is a retired Registered Nurse who trained at St Michaels and worked in North Bay. She is a loving Mom, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and was grateful to get the time to raise her family along with organizing many artisan and craft events at the Callander Community Centre. Pauline loves to create these parcels as it’s a fun retirement pastime and brings a chuckle & smile to herself and others.

You may know someone who has received one or heard a little bit about these Sunshine Parcels.

So what is a Sunshine Parcel?

It is a box, filled with individually wrapped unique gifts which include trinkets, poems, jewellery, jokes and more. The premise is for the recipient to open one gift, each morning and start their day with a Little Ray of Sunshine. The gifts are geared to a Senior Woman, but that does not mean the men aren’t enjoying them as well.
They’re made with LOVE, to help continue spreading LOVE & Kindness.

If you know someone who can use a pick me up, a Smile, some extra LOVE, then please reach out to us at Ohana.

These Sunshine Parcels are NO Charge and please arrange to pick up or we at Ohana are happy to deliver them in North Bay, Callander & area.

If you are interested in donating to support Pauline creating these Sunshine Parcels, please reach out to us at under Community.

To learn more call 705 752 0294 or