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Hello!   Thanks for visiting this website.   

If you’re considering becoming a patient, it is important to start with my pledge to you:

  • I will provide you with a treatment plan that has been designed especially for you.   You won’t receive the same treatment as anyone else, and you won’t be asked to sign up for any kind of plan.
  • We will take your healing journey at your pace.
  • I will listen to you.
  • We will work with the modalities that you feel most comfortable with.  Some patients prefer to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, as opposed to taking supplements.   That’s great!   Other people need help feeling a bit better before they are able to make changes, and that’s fine too.   We’ll talk about it, and figure out what works for you.
  • You will not leave a visit with a giant bag filled with hundreds of dollars of supplements (and no idea what they are all for).
  • You will not need to stop receiving care from your medical doctor (or any other healthcare practitioners).  This is complimentary care, which means I’ll do everything I can to make sure you feel you’re being well supported by your entire medical team.
  • I will refer you to another healthcare provider whenever that is the best option for you.
  • I will always work towards addressing the root cause of any health imbalance you experience, so that you can get back to enjoying life with the best health possible. ​

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