When I first started my Yoga journey with Ohana Yoga & Wellness, over 10 years ago I instantly felt welcomed. For years before Ohana, I practiced Yoga at many other studios and learned from each and every teacher and studio. After all every studio and teacher have different approaches and a vibe you can say. When I first experienced Ohana there was an incredible vibe, with this sense of wellbeing and mind body connection. I am grateful for having the opportunity to explore and deepen my personal practice with Nicky's diverse approach. Her skillset, education & ongoing training, plus love for the art of Yoga is prevalent. Thanks for making each class unique and for being you. You truly are my Yogi Guru.

  Namaste, Lynn Larondeau

My mat has shown me how to stop critiquing myself. Not beating myself up any longer (mentally of course). When I feel I should be doing a pose, a stretch, or breathwork etc etc. I'm learning to accept where I am at. To be where I am, in the moment.

Inner peace is a wonderful realization.

Namaste Deborah French