To be a water bug…


The emotional toll of life can sometimes become a lot. There is not one of us who has not felt the push and pull the ebb and flow as waves move in and out. This can bring a stormy sea throwing our bodies and minds back and forth, loosing track of our “soul, essence and sense of self.”

As individuals we tend to want to take care of our own “stuff”, not wanting to burden others, or the other side “I’m strong, I will take care of myself.”

The truth as I am going through this investigation of my life learning and growing is this. We are tribal. We need community to dance and heal with. We also need to create our own sense of self; it is a balance between the two and an artful dance.

The invitation is to lean into our family, friends, our communities, as well as nature and our surroundings. Yes we need to do some of the work in solitude and alone, but not all.

Some of my time alone, has had me emersed in nature and her beauty . Spending time on a dock watching water bugs, I noticed how they move between the ripples, taking the path of least resistance, swimming easily until something catches their attention. When something does, they push right into the ripple towards the object of “affection” usually another water bug, when they meet, they either accept each other or not. If not, it is a quick encounter that ends in a moment.

If it is a successful encounter the dance together for a few more moments, pairing, separating, pairing again, sometimes for a long time and sometimes a short but yet beautiful encounter. (Check out quantum physics and properties of vibrational energy)

Now go back to our own lives it is very similar, we can choose the paths of least resistance for the greater good or we can choose to plow through everything that comes our way controlling and moving against the waves.

The constant thing about life is that there will always be changes, it is how we choose to move through it that matters. The “good” always outweighs the “bad”, the more we “fight” against the waves the more “suffering” we will experience.

My choice, I think I like the water bug approach, go within the ripples, check out what interests me, let go of that which does not serve me well and hold on and dance with what does serve me well. Become a friend of loss and grief and never allow it to drag me back, never moving too far ahead of myself where fear can creep in. Staying in the moment, being present.

So, the moral… with a giggle.

I am a water bug… have a great day, see you on the mat!

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We Seek What We Already Are….

We Seek What We Already Are….

Thoughts of the day…

What gets you all fired up, not in the bad way (although the negative forces usually empower us to raise higher), but what raises you in the good way.

We (most of us) are hardwired for peace, love, joy and yet we always seem to be searching for enlightenment.

The big cosmic joke is, that it is already in us! LOL Quantum Physicists, Allen Watts, David R. Hawkins and many others studied the vibrations of “Emotional Frequency (Consciousness Levels).” The included chart gives us a scientific level of frequencies that emotions bring to us.

Trust me we will all suffer from times of lower vibration and often cross between a variety of emotions in a given moment let alone 1000’s of times throughout the day as we are human, and we ride the waves.

The trick is … not to get stuck in the hamster wheel that swirls you down. Also, to not allow our “vices” (what out there will make me happy in here) to take over, the wine, the food, the pot, the whatever it is that veils the hurt, pain, grief etc. The veil that we hide behind, when we are afraid to step out, actually (step within). We all have those emotional vices, triggers etc,. and there is no shame that should be associated with it, however we can easily jump on that spiral downward easily and sometimes without even noticing that we are on the wheel.

We fool ourselves by playacting to needs and desires, saying “If I only had… that would make me happy” or diving into the “haves and have nots” of others. Fact is the feelings of love, joy, peace… only happen when we focus on them from within (oh and same with the negative I might ad). When we consciously choose to not stay in the dark places and we move towards the higher emotional frequencies.

It is the quest for health, vitality, peace, love, joy the list goes on… but truthfully it is no where out there, it is within you.

I know, I’m a little hippy dippy and if you know me, I can easily move from one emotional frequency to the next, sometimes with hitting a 20, then elevating myself to a 700 because life is just that. A roller coaster, a ride, a trip call it what you may. In my eyes life’s a ride, and we can choose where we want to ride at any given time, just remember to “take your hands off the wheel” … and remember we can all experience the lower, but we can all choose to strive towards the upper and rise up with inner love, joy, and peace that we already are.

Have a great day, see you on the mat!

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