with Jacqui Tracy 

Location: Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre

Saturday September 14th, 2024

1:00 pm to 3:30 pm 

Discover Dharma Breath®: Embrace the Present Moment About Dharma Breath®
Stress and tension cause us to hold our breath and repress our feelings. These feelings accumulate over the years, using more and more energy. The demand
on our energy supply to suppress these feelings creates a debt in the vitality we bring to our lives.
Dharma Breath® can access vast amounts of energy to then transform in to your desire.] Tom Lodge, says, “Focusing on the trauma gives it energy. Understanding the event is not necessary to eliminate its effect.” He quotes R.D. Laing, “Obsession
with the past events is like a person in a dungeon, the door is open for them to walk out, yet they choose to stay until they can figure out how they got there.
Dharma Breath® provides a technique that you can use at home to relieve and manage stress. It encourages and facilitates one to embrace the present moment, and live life to the fullest as we all deserve.
The feedback from those who have experienced the Ayahuasca (Iowaska) ceremony have mentioned that the Dharma Breath achieved much more for them personally in terms of expanding their consciousness without side effects Conscious breathing
connects us to our spirit.
About the Facilitator: Jacqui Tracy is a Registered Master of Dharma Breath®, with over three decades of experience in this transformative practice. She continues to share her wisdom and insights, nurturing the growth of students of all ages.
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Location: Ohana Yoga & Wellness Centre
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